These are various pieces of software, sample libraries and other things I've made.

Water Glass

A close and intimately recorded wine glass, filled with water. Three different playing styles were captured with a multitude of dynamic layers which allow for a range of delicate and realistic playing styles. The user interface focusses on simplicity and ease of use, so you can start using the instrument in your music right away.

Singing Bowl

This library features a deeply sampled Tibetan Singing Bowl, recorded in close stereo, and mapped across a playable range of four octaves. Two articulations were captured - sustains (created by moving the wooden mallet in a circular motion around the rim of the bowl) and hits. Both these articulations were recorded with a multitude of dynamic layers, which allows for very delicate and realistic playing.


Granulate is a powerful granular synthesis engine for Kontakt 5, which allows any audio file to be processed in a variety of ways, to create lush pads, rich granular textures and punchy rhythmic synths.

Choose from over 50 built-in presets, or import your own audio to create a wide range of atmospheric sounds.


A user interface builder for Kontakt. Create performance view interfaces for your instruments without scripting.

Konstruktor runs inside the Kontakt editor, alongside your patch, so you can build, edit and test the interface without leaving the Kontakt environment.


NES4L is a FamiTracker clone for Ableton Live. It allows you to use FT's familiar synthesis tools for creating authentic 8-bit/chiptune sounds.

Solo Viola - Free Kontakt Library

An expressive, true-legato sampled viola for Native Instruments Kontakt.


ProSEEDure is a piece of sotware which generates a piece of music from word or phrase that is typed in. It uses a psudorandom, seed-based algorithm, which means exactly the same piece of music will be played each time the same string is entered.

Cardboard Box Sample Patch

This is a simple multisampled cardboard box I made a very long time ago for Ableton Live. Close miked stereo, 6 velocity layers and 5 round-robins. It's nothing special on its own, but it works well when layered with other percussion.