NES4L - 8-Bit/Chiptune M4L Device

NES4L Main Interface

NES4L is a Max for Live device, which provides an authentic sounding emulation of the Nintendo Entertainment System's 2A03 soundchip (and expansion chips). The device is based on the instrument editor in FamiTracker.
Click the button below to download the device.

Download Latest Version - 0.3

Here is a video demo of the device in action. The Contra theme heard at the beginning of the video was created entirely using this plugin.


The Arpeggio Editor NES4L Arpeggio Editor
The Duty/Noise Editor NES4L Duty/Noise Editor

The DPCM Sample Loader (converts PCM samples to 1-bit DPCM samples in realtime) NES4L DPCM sample loader

The FX Editor NES4L FX Editor

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You can also keep track of any features I am planning and their progress on this public Trello list. If you have any feature requests that you'd like me to add to the list, feel free to email me.

I am providing this instrument free of charge, in the hope that others find it useful. If you would like to support further development of NES4L, or more free tools in the future, please consider donating. Thanks!


All Versions

Version 0.3 (Current Version) - Download

Version 0.2 - Download

Version 0.1 - Download