Konstruktor - User Interface Builder for Kontakt

Konstruktor is a tool for Kontakt (version 5.1 and above), which allows anyone to easily build user interfaces without scripting. The editor runs inside your Kontakt instrument, so you can develop your interface at the same time as using your patch.

Konstruktor - Editor Module
Konstruktor - Runtime Module

Above: The Konstruktor runtime module retains all settings made in the Editor module.

Left: The Konstruktor Editor. This runs inside your patch so you can build the interface and test it without leaving the Kontakt environment.

This tool should prove useful for new Kontakt users who want to start building instruments without learning to write code, as well as for experienced developers who want an easy way to test their in-progress instruments, before hiring a UI designer.
A detailed instruction manual is included with the download.

Download Latest Version - 1.0 (Requires Kontakt 5.1 or newer)

Using Konstruktor

You are free to use Konstruktor in your own Kontakt patches, and distribute them publicly - commercially or non-commercially.
All I ask is that you credit me in some form, and provide a link to this page. Happy Konstrukting!

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I am providing this tool free of charge, in the hope that others find it useful. If you would like to support further development of Konstruktor, or more free tools in the future, please consider donating. Thanks!


All Versions

Version 1.0.1 (Current Version) - Download