Will Bedford
Composer - Virtual Orchestrator - Software Developer


Recent Projects

Here is selection of my most recent work


I am a UK based composer, specialising in orchestral and electronic music for video games, film and other visual media. My passion for music and audio production led me to study for a degree in Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield, in which I graduated with First Class Honours in 2015.

One of my strengths is the ability to create highly realistic orchestral music using only software tools. This is an essential skill when a short time-frame or limited budget is a concern.

Aside from my creative ability, my skills also extend to the technical side of music production, including programming software in C++ and other languages, developing and scripting Kontakt instruments and creating interactive music production tools in MaxMsp.

My broad range of creative and technical expertise has proven essential for implementing dynamic music systems in games, using my own C# engine for Unity, as well as middleware tools like FMOD.

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